Final Film Product

After much research, planning and preparation, here is our final product: red.


Evaluation Question 3

What media Institution might distribute your Products and Why? Here is a presentation of my Evaluation Question 3 In this presentation I discuss, Finance Distribution Marketing Exhibition Production The film industry has really changed in its digital developments, which have made things like worldwide premiere's much more prominent as now cinema's no longer need to use … Continue reading Evaluation Question 3


For Our Second Evaluation Question we had to look as "How does your media product represent particular social groups?" The groups we considered relate to Age, Gender, and The Last Girl. The Presentation can be found HERE.  


Our first evaluation question was "In what ways does your media product use, develop, or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?". In This Presentation I show you the different forms and conventions of real media products and how we both followed and were inspired by it, as well as challenging the ideas of what is … Continue reading EVALUATION QUESTION 1

Editing Day 3

This was our final editing day, and here me and George went into the editing suite as Freya and Emilia did other work. Our main goal in this editing stage was the refine and ensure that each shot explained our vision and really helped bring up the suspense. We played around with the speed of … Continue reading Editing Day 3

Editing Day 2

The next editing day we had filmed our final shoot, and this meant that we had all of our house scenes. We had spent a lesson after the previous one refining some of the forest scene however, the edits made were very minor. We started each scene of one by one in order of how … Continue reading Editing Day 2

Editing Day 1

For out first editing day, we all decided to go into the editing suite together. This was after our first two filming days, which meant that we had only filmed half the footage. Since our opening includes lots of jump cuts it meant that we didn't have to focus on making it linear, so it … Continue reading Editing Day 1